Carilion Clinic: May 2009

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Friday, May 29, 2009


Advanced implementation could qualify Carilion for Federal stimulus funding

ROANOKE, Va. (May 28, 2009)Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital was recently named a “Stage 6” hospital by Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Analytics, joining an elite group of only 42 hospitals nationwide designated at least the Stage 6 level. HIMSS Analytics has created an eight stage model, called the “Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model” (EMRAM), to help hospitals develop a paperless environment in regards to patient records.

The EMRAM categorizes hospitals from Stage 0 through Stage 7. The seventh stage is the highest, meaning that the medical records are completely electronic. The Stage 6 title given to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital is defined as having implemented physician documentation, decision support, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), closed loop medication administration, and computerized physician order entry (CPOE), among other requirements.

"Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital's recognition as a Stage 6 hospital highlights the investment Carilion Clinic has made in using IT to deliver quality patient care,” says Daniel Barchi, chief information officer at Carilion Clinic. “At this level, the care our clinicians deliver is tied together in an integrated way so that our nursing units, operating rooms, emergency department and pharmacy work from a common picture. This ensures care is coordinated and safety is checked against allergies, conditions and current medications.”

Earlier this year, President Barack Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, more commonly known as the Federal Stimulus Package. Within this legislation, $19 billion are directed for health information technology. To qualify to receive money from this act, health providers must demonstrate “meaningful use” of certified electronic health records.

Carilion Clinic has made the commitment to implement the same integrated, networked EMR in every physician practice and every hospital, from the 880-bed Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital to the new 25-bed Carilion Giles Community Hospital. All Carilion Clinic hospitals and physician practices are likely to qualify for federal stimulus funds as the current EMR rollout plan will have all hospitals live on the new integrated system by July 2010 and the final physician practice live by October 2010.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


EC-145 aircraft joins Carilion Clinic Patient Transportation air ambulance team

Carilion Clinic recently retired the Bell 412 helicopter, flown as “Life-Guard 10” from air ambulance service. After 19 years in service, the decision was made to retire the Bell 412 aircraft and replace it with a more technologically-advanced helicopter. The new Life-Guard 10 is an EC-145 and leverages the latest technology to deliver high quality performance, operational reliability and improvements in safety.

The EC-145 has a number of safety features to help the flight crew and improve patient transport.

Some benefits of the new Life-Guard 10 include:

  • Communication center that can contact pilots directly concerning weather

  • Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (H-TAWS) gives pilots advanced warning about terrain for faster reaction times

  • Capabilities of night vision goggles

  • Easy loading of patients and equipment via the large rear doors

  • Meets all NTSB recommendations

"We are happy to have the ability to serve patients in the area with the EC-145, just as we have been but with better capabilities and technologies than the Bell 412," says Susan Smith, program director for Carilion Clinic Life-Guard. “The EC-145 is a modern aircraft that will allow our team to transport patients in a safer, more efficient manner.”

Up to two patients can be treated aboard the new aircraft. Life-Guard 10 typically makes two to three flights per day, with more flights in the summer months. The new EC-145 started servicing patients on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 10, 2009 and made three flights on its first day in operation.

For more information on CCPT, please visit their web site.