Carilion Clinic: WE DID IT!! (unofficially)

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

WE DID IT!! (unofficially)

We needed to take 2303 blood pressures in 24 hours to break the previous record of 2302. According to our preliminary count, we recorded 2359!

We will now go back and audit our count and prepare our submission to Guinness. Keep your fingers crossed! A huge thanks to everyone who helped out - our staff, our volunteers, our adjudicators, and the 2359 people who came out to support us, and hopefully learn a little bit more about their health. We will be reviewing the anonymous data we collected and will have more information next week, including how many people learned for the first time they may have high blood pressure. We hope this event makes everyone a little more aware of the importance of controlling high blood pressure.