Carilion Clinic: CONSULTANTS IN CARDIOLOGY JOINING CARILION CLINIC Will bring expanded service, streamlined care

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Monday, August 25, 2008


Will bring expanded service, streamlined care

ROANOKE, Va. (August 25, 2008) Consultants in Cardiology (CIC), the largest cardiology practice in Southwest Virginia, will join Carilion Clinic on January 1, 2009.

“We have a 35-year history of providing excellent patient care, and a long and successful relationship with Carilion,” said CIC Cardiologist Jeffrey Todd, MD. “We’ve evaluated the option of joining the Clinic for the past two years and determined it is the best choice for our patients and our practice. This new relationship will open up opportunities for expanded patient services and enhance our ability to continue to improve patient care in the year’s to come”.

“This is an important milestone in Carilion Clinic’s ongoing initiative to provide patient-centered, streamlined care to the region,” said Ralph Whatley, MD, Chair of Medicine for Carilion Clinic. “We’re extremely pleased these excellent physicians have chosen to join us, and look forward to a long and successful collaboration for excellent patient care.”

In addition to cardiology services already offered by the group, such as angioplasty and pacemaker, stent and defibrillator implants, the new Carilion Clinic cardiology group will also participate in developing a Congestive Heart Failure Clinic with the Department of Medicine, an atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) treatment center, expanded imaging services, health screenings, and an expanded Regional Heart Alert Program.

Patients of Carilion Clinic cardiologists will experience the benefits of being on the system-wide electronic medical record (called EPIC, recently launched by Carilion). Cardiologists will be part the Clinic’s interdisciplinary approach to develop clinical protocols and programs that improve care. Carilion’s ability to recruit more cardiologists to meet the future needs of the community will also be enhanced.

CIC’s 100-member team, including physicians, mid-level practitioners and support staff will all join Carilion Clinic. The practice will remain in its current location at 127 McClanahan Street in Roanoke.

The move will be transparent for CIC patients, who will receive more information by mail in the next few weeks.