Carilion Clinic: Life-Guard 10, Bell 412 Farewell Media Coverage

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Life-Guard 10, Bell 412 Farewell Media Coverage

Wow, what a great response from the public and the media last Friday and Saturday as we celebrated the last 19 years of flying in our Bell 412 helicopter. Thanks to all who participated and gave the helicopter an appropriate send-off!

Check out the 360-degree panorama photography that Roanoke Times Multimedia Editor Seth Gitner posted online (click to visit the site). You can see Seth at work in the photo below.

Here is a compilation of Friday's television news coverage of the the event and the Bell 412's retirement. Below that, click to watch one of the Bell 412's last take-offs.

Here's what it's all about - look at the smile on this little guy!